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  • NAAC SSR 2018
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1.4.1 URL for Stakeholder feedback report:
Structured feedback received from students, teachers, employers, alumni and parents for review of syllabus
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1.4.2 Link to additional information: 
Feedback process of the institution
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2.2.1 Link for additional information: 
Assessment the learning levels of the students, special programs for advanced learners and slow learners
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2.3.1 Link to additional information:
Student centric methods: experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies
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2.3.2 Webpage Link:
LMS/Academic Management System
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2.6.1 Webpage Link: 
Program wise PEOs, POs and PSOs
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2.6.2 Link for Additional Information
Attainment of program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution
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2.6.3 Link for Annual Report: 
Pass Percentage of Students
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3.2.4 Link to funding agency webpage: 
Research Projects funded by government and non-government agencies
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3.3.1 Link for additional information: 
Eco system for innovations including incubation centre and other initiatives for creation and transfer knowledge
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3.3.2 Link for additional information: 
Activity of Workshop / Seminar Conducted
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3.5.2 Link for additional information:
Number of functional MoUs with institutions of national, international importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the last five years (only functional MoUs with ongoing activities to be considered)
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3.6.1 Link for additional information:
Extension activity in the neighbourhood community in terms of impact and sensitising students to social issues and holistic development during last five years
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4.1.1 Link for additional information:
Facilities for teaching- learning – classrooms, laboratories, and etc
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4.1.2 Link to additional information:
Facilities for sports, games(indoor and outdoor) and yoga centre etc
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4.1.3 Link to additional information:
Seminar halls with ICT – enabled, Smart classroom facilities etc
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4.2.1 Link for additional information: 
Library automation using Integrated Library Management System (LMS)
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4.2.2 Link for additional information: 
Collection of rare books, manuscripts, and other knowledge resources
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4.3.1 Link for Additional Information
Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi
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4.3.4 Link to photographs
Facilities for e-content development such as Media Centre, Recording facility, Lecture Capturing System (LCS)
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4.4.2 Link for additional Information
Established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classroom etc.
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5.1.3 Link for additional information:
Capability enhancement and development schemes
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5.2.3 Link for uploaded documents:
Students qualifying in State / National/ International level examinations during the last five years
(eg: NET/SLET/GATE/GMAT/CAT/GRE/TOEFL/Civil Services/State government examinations)
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5.3.2 Link to additional information:
Student representation on academic and administrative bodies/committees of the institution
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5.4.1 Link to additional information:
Alumni Association contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and non-financial during the last five years
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6.1.1 Link for additional information:
Governance of the institution is reflective of an effective leadership in tune with the vision and mission of the institution
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6.3.1 Link for additional information: 
Effective welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staff
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6.4.1 Link for additional information: 
Internal and External Audit reports
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6.5.1 Link for additional information: 
IQAC contribution for the quality assurance strategies and processes
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6.5.2 Link for additional information: 
IQAC reviews – teaching learning process, structures & methodologies
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6.5.5 Link for additional information: 
Incremental improvements during last five years
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7.1.2 Link to additional information:
Facilities for gender sensitivity in the institution
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7.1.5 Link to additional information:
Waste Management facilities in the institution
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7.1.6 Link to additional information:
Rain water harvesting structures and utilization in the campus
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7.1.12 URL to Handbook on code of conduct for students and teachers, manuals and brochures on human values and professional ethics:

Code of conduct handbook exists for governing body, administration including / Director / Principal /Officials and support staff

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7.1.13 Provide URL of website that displays core values:
Core values of the institution
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7.1.15 Provide link to Courses on Human Values and professional ethics: 
Institution offers a course on human values and professional ethics
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7.1.16 Provide URL of supporting documents to prove institution functions as per professional code:

Professional code of prescribed /suggested by statutory bodies/regulatory authorities for different professions

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7.2.1 Link to additional information:
Two institutional best practices (as per NAAC format)
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7.3.1 Link to additional information:
Institutional Distinctiveness
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